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Romka C1T

Romka C1T

Τσιμεντοειδής κόλλα πλακιδίων, εσωτερικής και εξωτερικής χρήσης, προδιαγραφής C1T. Κατάλληλη για πλακίδια, φυσική πέτρα, μεγάλα πλακίδια πορσελλάνης. Μπορεί να εφαρμοστεί σε πάχη στρώσης από 3 ως και 10 χιλιοστά.

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Τσιμεντοειδής κόλλα πλακιδίων, εσωτερικής και εξωτερικής χρήσης, προδιαγραφής C1T. Κατάλληλη για πλακίδια, φυσική πέτρα, μεγάλα πλακίδια πορσελλάνης. Μπορεί να εφαρμοστεί σε πάχη στρώσης από 3 ως και 10 χιλιοστά.

Ακολουθούν πλήρη τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά και μέθοδοι εφαρμογής στην Αγγλική Γλώσσα. Για οποιαδήποτε πληροφορία χρειαστείτε, είμαστε ευχαρίστως στη διάθεση σας.


Thin layer glue mix EN 12004

Composition and properties:

Powdered, water and cool resisting, treated with mineral fillers and polymer additives, hydraulic
binding building glue for pasting in thin layer method.

Classification: C1T

Application: For indoor and outdoor use.

For applying: ceramic plates, natural rock, huge porcelain tiles, film thickness 3-10 mm.

Base: Dry, strong, with the needed bearable load, stable form, dust free, no oil contamination and
no unstable parts.

The product can be applied on:

– All usual building bases like concrete, putty, plaster, brickwork, light and porous concrete,
gypsum putty, gypsum board plates, gypsum walls.
– Smooth shuttering concrete
– Porcelain tiles
– In terraces, wet rooms and facades

The product is not applicable on:

Wood, metal, plastic, rubber, cement binding bases that the drying process has not yet been finished.

Product data:

Supply form:
– 25 kg paper bags, 40 bags/1000 kg per pallet
– 10 kg paper bags, 50 bags/500 kg per pallet
– 5 kg paper bags
– 2 kg paper bags, 15 bags/30 kg per cardboard box

Storage: In dry places on wooden grills in the original closed package for 12 months.

Consumption norm:
3-5 kg/m2 according to the type of the ceramics Comb (mm) 3 6 10
rounded teeth Consumption (kg/m2)      1.5          2.5            3.5              4.5

Technical data: estimated under basic temperature and humidity indexes.

№ Indexes Characteristics and norm
1 Outlook Powdered grey mix
2 Pouring density  g/cm³ 1,48 ±0,03
3 Fine grinding left over screen  0,4 мм %  & le;   5
4 Binding time, beginning h ≥   3
5 Cohesion strength when stretching after 28 days N/mm² ≥   0,5
6 Cohesion strength when stretching after dipping into water N/mm² ≥   0,5
7 Cohesion strength when stretching after thermaltreatment N/mm² ≥   0,5
8 Cohesion strength when stretching after 25 cycles freezing-unfreezing N/mm² ≥   0,5

Needed quantity of water: 0.27 l/kg

Max. stay on wall: 30 min

Usage time: 5 hours

Correction time: 15 min

Max. film thickness: 3 – 20 mm

Application instructions:

Recommended tools: Slow-motion electric stirrer, appropriate vessel to stir, trowel, and sponge.
– Comb 3/3/3 mm – when applying on small tiles
– Comb 6/6/6 mm – when applying on tiles with smooth opposite surface
– Comb 10/10/10 mm – when applying on tiles with furrowed surface
– Comb with rounded teeth – when laying the base

Technique for laying ceramic surfaces:
Preliminary work:  Level cement binding bases
Prime highly absorbing bases, ready concrete elements, smooth shuttering concrete, gypsum
plasters, gypsum board plates, gypsum walls – “Primer Bilmat”
Fixing the mix:  In clean vessel stir the mix until it homogenizes with no lumps with the help of a
slow-motion stirrer. Stirring time 3-5 min.
Proportions:     7 liter water for 25 kg “Granitocol C”
Application: In a constant film apply on the base and with the help of an appropriate comb drag
with a 45 degrees angle in relation to the base. The tile is placed while pressing gently.

Contact surface:
– Indoors >65%
– outdoors  >90%
To avoid caverns in the glue film, for example in terraces, it is recommended additional placing of
the glue mix on the opposite side of the tile.

Following treatment: Do not load at least 48 hours after finishing.
Safety regulation. Any specific information according to composition, danger, cleaning and dumping can be viewed in the safety list.

Important instructions
– Follow the norms, instructions and technical map regarding the base
– Do not apply in temperatures below +5 C, in direct sunlight, rain, strong wind. Until
strengthening should be kept in an appropriated way.
– High air humidity and low temperatures slow down the binding process while high temperatures speed up the process.
– Do not add other materials
– Do not wet the base before application
The given technical map is based on wide experience and provides You with the best knowledge but is not legally committed. We guarantee the quality of our materials within the framework of our selling and supplying conditions. In order to reduce mistakes limited information is given. Not all present and future application cases can be described. The current technical map is valid until the issue of another one.

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